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CIRA COVID-19 Status

Rowing will be available on a limited basis for members of Cape Cod Masters Rowing (CCMR)  beginning Monday, June 1, 2020 for singles rowing.  

Cape Cod Youth Rowing (CCYR) will resume at a date to yet be determined, based on Commonwealth guidelines. 

May 18, 2020


Dear CCYR and CCMR Members and Coaches,


Effective Monday, June 1, 2020 we will begin recreational sculling for Masters Rowers in singles and doubles where rowers are from the same household.


Further information regarding the youth program (CCYR) and plans to resume (currently targeting mid to late June), will be updated as we learn more regarding guidelines.


We expect to continually monitor and adapt, according to guidelines established by US Rowing as well as the Town of Harwich and Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Please note:

  • Singles are available for rowing for those who have been pre-approved for safety requirements.  
  • No rowers are permitted to go out alone at any time and all boats must be signed in and out at the trailer sign-out station. 
  • We ask that all rowers adhere to regular safety procedures (see checklist provided) including wearing of bright apparel for visibility.
  • Please note that the facilities operated by the Town of Harwich, at the beach location on Long Pond, will not be operational.  
  • We will establish a cleaning station, located at the trailer, providing appropriate cleaning supplies. Rowers will be expected to (1) clean their hands before and after use, (2) clean and disinfect equipment. Specific instructions will be supplied at the trailer.  
  • All rowers must wear masks on the beach. It will be your responsibility to do so. Any rower failing to do so will be asked to leave the premises immediately. 
  • All rowers must sign membership forms and appropriate waivers, as well as provide confirmation of US Rowing individual membership before being permitted to row.  This will be strictly enforced.


While we will need to take extra precautions and considerations for how we row, this is a very exciting opportunity for us to take advantage of our beautiful Cape surroundings and get out on the water. 


We remind you to please obey all physical distancing guidelines while at the beach and wear your face coverings in accordance with Harwich and Massachusetts ordinances. This is especially important when you are preparing and returning your boat on the beach.  We request that you come prepared to row, efficiently get ready and take your boat to the water, row, return, wash your boat and oars, and depart the Club promptly. 


CIRA is counting on our community — the members, coaches, and families of CCMR and CCYR — to respect the rules and guidelines set forth by this Club and the Town of Harwich. We don’t want our behavior to force the town to rethink their decision to make the beach available to us.


Thank you for your continued support and patience. On behalf of the entire CIRA board, we hope you have a good row and a great season! 




Sharlene Sones


Cape & Islands Rowing Association 






This is Phase One of reopening for Cape Cod Masters Rowing.  We are both excited and equally cautious in our approach to gradually resuming our activities. This process will require patience, flexibility, and personal responsibility to ensure that we open sooner than later and that when we do open, we can stay open.


There are numerous constraints in place from government agencies as well as our own knowledge of rowing and our environment that are being actively considered in this plan. The protocols and procedures contained here can and will be changed as we learn more and as members participate in the program. 




  •     Singles will be available for rowing.
  •     Town of Harwich restrooms are unavailable.
  •     Social distancing as required by the Town of Harwich and State of Massachusetts must be respected.
  •     Anyone over the age of 2 must wear a mask in public within six feet of anyone.  (Governor Baker has issued an Order effective Wednesday, May 6 requiring face masks or cloth face coverings in public places where social distancing is not possible. This applies to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Exceptions include children under the age of 2 and those unable to wear a mask or face covering due to a medical condition. Read the full DPH Guidance.
  •       Access to the trailer will be limited. There will be a specific process to access equipment:  you can enter the trailer through the side door, pick up your oars, and proceed to the back exit. You will be responsible for cleaning and washing the oars before and after use. Supplies for cleaning will be on hand. 
  •     Reservations and sign out will be done online using the teamup app for the club
  •     Be on a mission to arrive, row, cleanup, and depart for your next destination.
  •     If you are sick, feel sick, or have a fever, you cannot row.  We ask that you stay home and not show up at the beach. 
  •     Individuals classified by the CDC as “at risk” should also consider not coming to the beach or to row.
  •     If you become ill within a week of having rowed, please consider reporting your illness to Lisa Allen for the benefit of the community.



Allowable uses:


  •       Singles will be available for rowing. 
  •       Doubles are available for rowers from the same household
  • All rowers must be pre-approved as competent to row either a recreational or racing single by a coach
  • NO Rower may go out alone. All must adhere to a buddy system. 
  • All boat reservations must be made in advance, online at teamup.
  • Club oars will be allowed to be used, proper cleaning before and afterward is required.
  • Members are encouraged to use their own equipment sanitization supplies. The CDC has a good list of disinfectants. The Club will have some supplies on hand. Soap is a fast and effective method for destroying COVID-19 on surfaces and easier on the environment than bleach.


Disallowed uses:

  • Town of Harwich restrooms are unavailable.
  • No group activities. 
  • No loitering – be on a mission to row, cleanup, and depart immediately.




  •       Reserve a boat using teamup. On Arrival note: 

o   Beach access will be limited to the hours of 5:30am through 7pm daily.

o   If a member is sick or feeling sick, they will not come to the beach.

o   If a member has been sick in the past two weeks or in contact with someone who has had COVID-19, they will not come to the beach until 14 days after such contact.

o   Rowers must wash their hands/use hand sanitizer prior to approaching the trailer. All are encouraged to bring their own sanitation supplies. Hand sanitation should be done with either a 20 second or more wash with soap and water, or by coating hands with a hand sanitizer product with greater than 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol as active ingredients and allowing to dry completely.

o   Wear face masks as required by the Town of Harwich and State of Massachusetts regulations until you are ready to get on the water.


  • Returning to the trailer
    • On return, while in water, put your mask back on. 
    • Clean your boat using a bucket of soapy water.  Instructions will be posted on the trailer about all aspects to clean (seat, rails, rigging, etc).  
    • Anything you touch, you need to clean. So, once the boat is on the rack, please clean the tie-downs and any other portion of boat or rack you touched. 
    • Wash your oars with soapy water provided by the club.  
    • Sign out using the log.
    • Until your “buddy” is on the beach, please wait in your car.
    • Leave promptly and refrain from loitering.